Summerbreeze offers numerous quality services that can be tailored to both residential and commercial applications. Below are a few of our services:


Foot traffic, machinery, and sediment cause your yard to compact starving it from the proper nutrients and oxygen. Summerbreeze’s aerating process helps ensure that your yard is getting everything it needs. We utilize the newest technology in aerating and fertilizing equipment allowing your yard to stay green and healthy all season long. Aerating is strongly recommended for all turf (grass) areas.


Whether it is around an above ground pool or off of your house, Summerbreeze can create your custom deck. We install, repair, and remove decks of all sizes and types. If a new deck is something you want, Summerbreeze will help you design one and build it with the highest quality of materials. If removing an old worn down deck, Summerbreeze can guarantee a safe demo and will remove all debris from the jobsite.

Deep Root Feeding:

Plants and trees can only get as many nutrients as the surrounding grounds allow them. If you want to ensure your expensive and beautiful plants/tree continue growing year after year, deep root feeding may be an option for you. Our expertise and equipment penetrates the ground and delivers the proper fertilizers and nutrients to your plants and trees.

Drain Tile:

Have a wet spot in your yard? Water collecting around your foundations? Patio bulging from trapped water? Summerbreeze can help. Drain Tile is a process of installing crushed gravel and piping in your low areas, to collect and carry water away from your property. Drain Tile jobs depend greatly on the each particular job, and may also require minor grading. Summerbreeze can install drains in existing patios, driveways, and yard to help direct water to wear it needs to be.

Fertilize Programs:

What better way to ensure a bright green and healthy yard than to treat it with fertilizer. Summerbreeze’s fertilize programs provide for a routine application of fertilizer. Our fertilize program includes, crab grass prevention, pre-emergent weed prevention, lime disease, and all the other applications to keep your yard looking green.

Fire Pits:

Summerbreeze has built countless fire pits over the years. Whether you need something simple to gather around or you want a more extravagant center piece, Summerbreeze can help design and build your dream. Fire pits are a great center piece to any yard and create a great gathering point for friends and family.

Landscape Lighting:

Having beautiful landscaping is great during the day, but what about at night? Accent your yard and landscapes with some professional outdoor lighting. Summerbreeze will install a lighting package custom tailored to your needs. We provide lighting of all sorts. Underwater lighting, walkway lighting, flower bed lighting, house accent lighting are only a few. Summerbreeze also offers LED options. We can update an existing lighting project or install a brand new one.

Mulch & Topsoil:

Installing a new yard or repairing a section of yard? Installing a garden or flower pots? Topsoil is necessary to provide the rich nutrients needed for your plantings and yard. Topsoil is the bed of all seeds and allows the seeds to properly grab hold in the ground and grow. Mulch is another product that provides nutrients to your plants. Mulch is applied in flower beds and other landscape creations. It is recommended annually for proper growth and aesthetic looks. No topsoil or mulch job is too large for Summerbreeze. We deal with the top rated providers in the area and utilize our own equipment to transport and spread the material.

New Lawn Installation:

Summerbreeze has been installing new yards since its start back in 1978. We have perfected the art and understand the science of installing and ensuring growth in a new yard. We have all the equipment to rock colander, grade, aerate, seed, and water your new yard. All our new yards come with a warranty to reassure our confidence your yard will look amazing.

Outdoor Kitchens:

Outdoor Kitchens are extremely popular right now and a lot more affordable than you may think. An outdoor kitchen can consist of a simple inlaid grill or a grotto equipped with every appliance your indoor kitchen has. Whatever the scale, Summerbreeze can make your dream a reality. What better way to enjoy the summer weather than a cook out and gathering in your outdoor dream kitchen.


Patios have been a staple of Summerbreeze since the beginning. We have been leading the way in patio design and build for the last thirty years in Northeast Ohio. All our patios include the proper grading, drain tile, foundation, and support needed to guarantee years of wear and tear. We utilize some of the top brick products from Versa-Lok, Pave Stone, Unilock, Techo-Bloc and many others. Patios are a continuation of your home and are proven to increase property values.

Flowers & Plants:

The world of flowers, plants, ground cover, and trees is immense. Perennial Flowers are what everyone thinks of when you hear landscaping. They are the beautiful colored flowers that bloom during the spring and provide astounding color to your yard year round. Plants can range anywhere from junipers to spireas. Maples, evergreens, apple, oak are all common trees. Summerbreeze deals with the most respected nurseries in the area and will obtain any planting the client desires. We will couple your wants with our expertise and plant your items in ornate growing patterns and in areas that allow for proper growth.


Many don’t know exactly what a pergola is. Pergolas vary drastically from each design, but in the broad sense a pergola is a covered hardscape. The top typically is an open wood structure allowing natural sunset in. The bottom is typically created from brick and stone designs. Whichever type of pergola you desire, Summerbreeze can help design and build it.

Power Washing:

Having a deck, patio, or driveway requires maintenance. In Northeast Ohio the weather can wreak havoc on your hardscapes. Summerbreeze offers professional power washing services to wash off all that grime and gunk mother nature deposited. We use material safe soaps and solvents to ensure proper cleaning. We even offer sand/grout reinstallation and resealing options.

Retaining Walls:

Retaining walls hold back structures and ground to prevent washouts or more severe events. All our retaining walls are professionally designed, inspected, and approved. We use to the highest grade material allowing your retaining wall to stand strong and still look great.

Routine Maintenance:

Routine Maintenance is what you think of when you think landscape provider. It is the routine cutting, trimming, and weed prevention in your yard. Our maintenance programs are all custom tailored for each customer. We offer different cut packages and payment packages. Our basic maintenance routine includes cutting of all turf areas, blowing & sweeping of all grass clippings from walkways, flower beds, & driveways, and weed prevention in flower beds. All our maintenance is available for both commercial and residential applications. Our employees are professional and personable and will ensure your yard looks great week after week.


Snow plowing and removal is essential in Northeast Ohio. It is no surprise our winters can be vicious. All our plowing accounts are custom tailored to each client. We are capable of snow removal from all driveways, walkways, parking lots. We have to equipment to handle both residential and commercial applications. Salting is available as well. Our plowing services are a 24 hour operation.

Tree Removal & Transplant:

Trees are an essential part of any yard, but when they start growing too large next to your home or begin making a mess in your yard, it is time to remove them. Summerbreeze can remove trees of various sizes. If you need a tree transplanted we are also capable of that. We have the proper training and equipment to dig up the entire root system of a tree and replant it with the proper nutrients and deep root feeding to ensure growth in its new home.


A walkway is generally a beautiful path to your home or patio. It is the first thing guests travel on when they are on your property. Make your walkway stand out. Summerbreeze utilizes the top brick material from Unilock, Versa-Lok, Techo, Bloc, and others to provide a beautiful yet durable patio. All our patios are created with the proper foundations and grading necessary to withstand the elements.

Water Features:

Water Features are a great way to spruce up any yard. We specialize in fountains and waterfalls of all sizes. We also create tranquil water falls. If you have an existing pond on your property, Summerbreeze can make and install a beautiful custom fountain to not only add aesthetic looks but to properly aerate your pond reducing algae growth.

Custom Design Work:

Summerbreeze is a full custom design and build firm. We work with one of the top landscape architects in the area to provide beautiful custom creations. All the services mentioned above can be combined to create your dream yard. No size project is too small or big. All our employees are extensively trained and all your communications for the project will be done one on one with the president and owner of the company. We ensure a timely project from start to finish and will provide a guarantee on all our custom work.